Home Treatment

Home Treatment after a Lice Outbreak

It is vitally important to remove every adult louse and nit on your child’s head.  Following are tips that can be used at home to help remove lice from your environment. Adult Lice and nymphs can survive up to 48 hours off the head. Lice eggs, or nits, do not hatch off the head.

Treating head lice with heat550px-Into-a-washing-machine-Step-2

The first line of defense is to throw linen, pillowcases, hats and clothes in the dryer on high heat for  20-30 minutes.  Washing is not necessary unless you choose to do both.

Isolation for non-washable items

For items that are not machine washable, set them aside for up to 2 days. They can also be placed in the dryer for 20-30 minutes.


4 Cleaning Tips - 1



Vacuum the rest of the lice

Vacuum any surface that cannot be wiped down.  After the couch has been cleaned, you may (but its not necessary) place a sheet over  it for 48 hours.  Steam cleaning is not necessary.



How to clean hair brushes. Leanne marie blog

What should I do with brushes and hair accessories?


Soak brushes in rubbing alcohol for 20-30 mins or put in a sealed bag for 2 days. Label all brushes so they are not shared.  Accessories can be soaked in rubbing alcohol for 20-30 minutes, or put in a sealed bag for 2 days.